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At Kinetic Lifeworks

At  Kinetic Lifeworks, we offer trial workout classes both physical and online in order for our clients to understand our fitness regime better. You can take an appointment on call or walk in with our  qualified trainers where they will give you a brief consultation regarding your BMR, fat percentage and which program will give you best results. You can sign up for our program for free and take a trial class first to gauge the intensity of our workouts. Our trial offer is only one time per customer.

Healthy Life

We believe in leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle and encouraging proper nutrition has become the hallmark of our gym.

Body & Mind

Having a healthy and fit body alone is not our only goal, we promote a healthy mind too. Release those endorphins with us in our workouts and alleviate your mood while getting fitter.


Extensive programs are designed specific to your body type and regime. Complete training and nutrition included. We offer various types of workouts.


Our strategy varies from client to client. The only thing we require from our clients is commitment and consistency. No one mantra can change your lifestyle.

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