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One on one personalized training

Once you are recruited in our One-on-One training program, you will be assigned a personal trainer who will cater to all your fitness needs. The trainer will provide you with a nutrition plan along with set realistic goals of your fitness regime. It is designed for you to get special attention and your coach will be committed to make you fitter and stronger.

Group classes

Full body workouts are designed by our skilled instructors to build strength and endurance. Small group classes are placed in different slots to make you choose easily and conveniently. The energy of people around you and the expertise of the coach is bound to maximize the results. Our group classes are weekly and must be signed up at the beginning of the month. Following are a few types of classes we offer:

Kinetic Aerobics, Cardio, Gracie United Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Weighted Strength Training

Fitness consultation

A thorough fitness consultation is given to our clients in order to understand their goals better. Your trainer will set smart goals for your body for you to achieve the desired result in a frame of time that is healthy and balanced. Our qualified nutritionists will look after your dietary needs.

Open Gym

You can become a member of our gym and use the service 24/7 unlimitedly. A trainer is always present to help you teach various exercises.

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